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All About Me

Emmy Pynes, the creator and founder of Pinkfinity. Now 16 years old based in Los Angeles, California. 

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My Story

In 2020, Emmy Pynes had to complete a year-long Capstone Project before her 8th grade graduation. Her 32-year old aunt had recently recovered from breast cancer. Emmy felt disconnected to her while she had to fight her battle and didn't understand the disease or recovery. With the support of her teacher, Pinkfinity was born. Emmy has conducted interviews with survivors, caretakers and doctors to learn more and share her knowledge with others. Emmy also embarked on efforts to raise money for breast cancer research and has raised almost $15,000 to date. Most recently, Emmy has partnered with other organizations to expand her reach. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Emmy collaborated with famed Los Angeles jewelry designer Karen Lazar to create the KLD x Pinkfinity special edition bracelet with proceeds benefitting the Breast Cancer Research Fund.

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